Lawyer’s Fee

Lawyer Fees


The compensation for legal services is calculated in accordance with the Schedule of Lawyer Fees and Costs Compensation.

This law firm strives to inform the client about the estimated costs of providing legal services during the initial meeting, depending on the number and type of legal actions required to achieve the desired goal.

An agreement for representation can also be concluded.

The amount of lawyer fees depends on the value of the matter being represented, with lower amounts (points) prescribed for lower values and higher amounts (points) prescribed for higher values.

In some types of proceedings, the amount is fixed regardless of the number of actions and hearings.

In criminal and misdemeanor cases, the amount of lawyer fees depends on the potential penalty.

When a lawyer represents multiple individuals in the same proceeding, they are entitled to an increase in tariff items for the second and each subsequent person by 10%, provided that this increase cannot exceed 50%.

Regarding the provision of legal assistance, lawyers have the option to enter into agreements with either legal entities or individuals who are involved in independent activities. These agreements typically involve a fixed lump-sum payment on a monthly basis.

In property law cases, lawyers can agree in writing with the client on a fee for work proportionate to the success in the proceeding.

The upper limit of the agreed percentage cannot exceed 30% of the total achieved success.

In certain cases, an exact cost amount can be presented to clients, primarily for all uncontested matters without opposing interests (e.g., legal services involving actions for company establishment, liquidation, contract drafting, wills, etc.).

In other cases, the specific fee for each legal action can be presented to clients, considering the number of actions depends on other participants in the proceeding (opposing party’s activities, court’s method of evidence presentation, etc.).

As mentioned in the introduction, the Schedule of Lawyer Fees and Costs Compensation prescribes the prices of legal services and the value of a point for each action, depending on the type of procedure, including:

  • criminal and misdemeanor proceedings
  • civil proceedings
  • enforcement proceedings
  • bankruptcy proceedings
  • non-litigious proceedings
  • real estate registration proceedings
  • administrative proceedings and administrative disputes
  • court registry entry proceedings
  • employment rights protection proceedings
  • proceedings before the Constitutional Court
  • drafting contracts, documents, wills
  • written and oral legal opinions

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